Attractions in Galway

attractions-in-galwayGalway is famous for its landscape, including the Mountain Ranges with 12 Bens overlooking the skyline of Connemara. There are a lot of islands off the shoreline, including Aran Islands which rank high in the tourists’ preferences. Galway also serves as the home to castles.

Listed below are some of the magnificent highlights in Galway:

Aran Islands

Situated in Galway Bay, day trips to Aran Islands are accessible from the coasts of Clare and Galware. When you get here, do not miss to visit the Iron Age forts, the Black Fort, O’Brien’s Castle and Teampull Bheanáin (the smallest church in the world).

Galway Bay

The bay provides an array of activities from fishing, cruises, diving and sailing to the Aran Islands and Inishbofin. If you want, you can just drive alongside of the coast highway from the city of Galway up to Spiddal and see the beauty of the Galway Bay. If you will continue to go west, the direction will lead you to Connemara’s Twelve Bens mountain range.

Eyre Square

This is public green park you can relax or see the countless attractions which include the Paraic O’Connaire statue, built in the year 1935 in remembrance of the author who traveled the streets together with his cart and horse. The place is also best honored for M’asal Beag Dubh who died in 1928.

Tropical Butterfly Center

Situated at the center of Connemar, about 2 miles from Rossaveal harbor, Tropical Butterfly Center provides an exceptional experience in terms of family enjoyment. Situated in the middle of luxuriant grandeur of a tropical field, you can witness a lot of free flying beautiful butterflies in their innate surrounding.

Coole Park

The Coole Park is situated near the Gort, on the road of Galway, the previous residence of Lady Gregory, the creator of the Abbey Theater and a friend to William Butler Yeats. Though the house is not there anymore, the land is now deemed as a national nature reserve. The house’s garden, with its autograph tree and yew walk are still there. One the autograph tree, you can see signatures of Sean O’Casey, George Bernard Shaw and John Masefield. Attractions in the park incorporate walks, lake, turlough and nature trails.

Portumna Castle

The huge semi-fortified home at Portumna was constructed by Richard Burke or de Burgo before the year 1618. There are exhibits and displays in the castle as well as in the Gate House.

Turoe Pet Farm

Situated near the Loughrea, in a wonderful rural region, Turoe Pet Farm offers outstanding attractions for both young and old, tourist and native. Superb amenities are offered supplying for individual, group and family needs. Also, the famous Turoe Stone is near the farm.

Mill Museum

Situated in Tuam, Mill Museum is the ultimate existing corn mill in Tuam. Though it stopped operating in 1964, its machinery is still preserved in order for visitors to see the old process for milling.