2 Days in Dublin itinerary suggestions

dublin-2-days-inDo you only have 48 hours to spend in Dublin? Obviously, you will never be able to pack all in. Why? Firstly, two days is simply not enough for you to witness the beauty of Dublin and secondly, because a great amount of the Dublin’s charm lays in the reality that naturalness is already an art form here. But the good news is we can provide you with a two-day itinerary ideas that you can use if you really have no choice but to be in Dublin for only two days.

Day 1

Go to the Dublin City Hugh Lane Gallery. This is actually an art gallery sponsored by the City Council of Dublin and is situated in Charlemont House. The Charlemont House was formerly James Caufeild’s (First Earl of Charlemont) town house. It was known as the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art and was renamed to its present name. It was said to be founded by Hugh Lane in the year 1908 and is the foremost known community modern art gallery in the entire planet.

Stroll all through the grounds of the famous Trinity College. The college is situated in the hub of Dublin, on the College Green and is opposite to the Ireland House of Parliament presently the Bank of Ireland. The college occupies about 47 acres, with countless edifices, new and old, varied around big courts and two sports ground.

You can check out The Bram Stoker Dracula Experience, which is basically a heart pounding trip throughout the Castle of Dracula. You can feel the frightening performances making you shiver.

Day 2

Visit the James Joyce Museum. The museum is a Martello Tower located in Sandycove where James Joyce stayed six nights in the year 1904. The Martello Tower was rented from the War Office of Britain by a school pal of James named Oliver St. John Gogarty. James Joyce is the popular writer of Ulysess. Today, the tower houses a museum which is committed to James and it also has displays of some of James possession and other associated ephemera of James with Ulysses. The museum serves as a location of pilgrimage for fanatics of James Joyce, particularly on Bloomsday.

Visit the Meeting House Square. The Meeting House Square serves as a home to the famous outdoor festival of Temple Bar which honors all kinds of contemporary traditions and incorporates film screening, family events and live performances. It is truly a great place to look around during Saturdays to know what is in.

If you still have time you can go and visit the Guinness Brewery. Enjoy the complimentary pint at the Brewery bar and discover the famous Guinness Brewery with a guided audio tour. The building has seven floors which truly makes it a long tour as well.

With all of the scenic attractions and tourist spots, you will surely extend a bit to experience more of Dublin!