Luker’s Pub

Luker's Pub in Shannonbridge, the old living room and victorian fireplaceObsessed with antiquity? Seeking out the Ireland of days gone by?

Well, you would be fascinated by this little pub in Shannonbridge, County Offaly; Luker’s Pub.

The old part of this bar is almost untouched from how it was when it opened back in the 1750’s. Seriously. Even the decrepit lightswitches look like a new addition.

Luker's Pub in Shannonbridge, the old barLuker's Pub in Shannonbridge, the fireplace behind the old barStep into the old bar and you’ll see, at the base of the towering shelves crammed with knick-knacks and wares, a small fireplace blazing away just a few feet from the beer taps. To your left is a doorway into what used to be the shopkeeper’s home, and that has changed little as well.

John, the proprietor, welcomes customers to step back into the 300-year-old living room. Things have hardly changed. The original victorian fireplace still functions; its massive girth taking up most of the wall and a turf fire blazing cozily away under the old cast iron pot as it has for the past few centuries. Have a seat in one of the old wooden chairs; it’s stark and run-down and it’s not hard to feel as if you’ve truly stepped back in time.

Luker's Pub in Shannonbridge, the new barLuker’s also has a new section, a large modern bar is just through the doorway where yet another turf fire blazes away (Shannonbridge is adjacent to a substantial turf bog and the Lough Rea power station). This is where most of the modern regular drinking and socialising occurs, but many patrons slip into the old section for a quiet chat and a pint in the older rooms.

Some habits die hard.
Luker's Pub in Shannonbridge, the old shopfront