United Ireland by 2027? What are the odds?

united ireland irish road sign with 32 county as the distanceTen to one by the year 2027, according to Paddy Power.

Yes, one of the many cultural twists that still befuddles me is the legality and casual practice of gambling in Ireland. There are gambling shops everywhere in this country and, apparently, one can simply walk into one of these places and bet on . . . well, anything.

Case in point is latest bet on offer: a United Ireland. Think about it – people have fought, died and argued for the cause . . . why not try betting?

Whichever way you bet, Paddy Power has it at 10/1 for a United Ireland by 2027, 14/1 by 2022, 20/1 by 2017 and, for those who think Britain will actually change over to the euro in the next few years: 25/1 by 2012.