The saga of Noel O’Gara continues . . .

Noel O'GaraQuirky Athlonian Noel O’Gara, the man taking on Dublin city council, is back in the news. Click here to read my last post on this topic.

Dublin city council met and determined that Noel has to sell his land, issuing a CPO (compulsary purchase order). Noel announced their decision as a “disgrace” and vowed to challenge the decision in the High Court. He’s afraid that the money he’ll be offered for the plot of land he owns in Dublin will be far below its actual value. Here’s some quotes from Noel the local media printed:

“The decision is a disgrace. It’s disappointing but predictable – these faceless unelected bureaucrats who are political appointees who have the right whose land to take or not to take. This is repugnant to the constitution and everything it stands for.

“I will be challenging the decision on the basis that a CPO is a modern legal device use by local authorities to compulsory confiscate your land. I have had four other properties that Dublin City Council have CPO’ed in the last ten years and I haven’t got a brass farthing off them.”

Noel asserts that the City Council’s view that the land was for “walking dogs” and “therefore worth nothing” could change as soon as they have ownership.

“With a stroke of a pen, they could rezone it and it would be worth millions. If I lose this challenge, this is not just about Noel O’Gara – they can take your property at your wish and your will and tell you to f**k off.”

Great stuff.