The Irish Macaroon Bar

Macaroon Bar openedThis is a celebration of a little known, but potent, piece of Irishness.

The Irish Macaroon bar.

Macaroon Bar labelIts manufacture is steeped in mystery. It says there right on the label: “secret recipe”. That’s right, SECRET. Well, your faithful author can reveal that, whatever else is used, our extensive tests have revealed the definate presence of CHOCOLATE!

Blogger takes a quick look around to see if anyone heard him.

The bars are packaged in a deceptively plain wrapper, but DON’T BE FOOLED. The contents are more magnificent than you could possibly imagine. How much, you ask? How much for this amazing bar of heaven? Eleventy billion euro, perhaps?

NO, faithful reader. The Irish macaroon bar is TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. That’s right. Light a candle to the patron saint of chocolate and go get an advance on your weekly allowance. It’s all about the Irish Macaroon bar.
Macaroon Bar bittenMacaroon Bar baby