The breathalising moment of truth

the breathaliser from out of its box

Well, it was a rough morning. The munchkin, having no knowledge of her parental units’ hyjinks the night before, called for her breakfast a leeeetle before 8am. Having finally put head to mattress at 4am, it was a very bleary blogger who came downstairs with the delighted munchkin this morning.

At some point I recalled that I should check myself on the breathaliser. Figuring I should give it at least 8 hours (what I figure most normal people would get to sleep after a night out – the lucky bastards), I pulled the device out around 11am and blew away. . .

breathaliser after being used, held up next to the colour chart

Now you tell me – that looks pretty golden yellow to me – meaning I’m free and clear. I have to say that I certainly wouldn’t be entertaining any thoughts of operating any heavy machinery in my current state.

the breathaliser before and afterThe crystals are kind of green to begin with, as evidenced by the before/after pics there.

I dunno folks – I say save your €4 – the breathaliser seems to be pretty useless. How disappointing.

Now . . . where did I put that asprin . . .

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