The breathalising device

the breathaliser from out of its box

the breathaliser box from  - top side reads disposable breathalyzer to test your sobrietyWell, I said all in the name of science, but doesn’t that thing look like someone’s high school science experiment?

Well, that or someone’s stash.

ANYway, so this is our breathalising device we will be employing tomorrow morning. It would appear to have been made in Poland, which goes a good way toward explaining some of the horrible english on the box. Again, your sobriety would certainly be in question if you read this stuff out loud. The reverse of the box explains that a change of colour inside the breathalyzer “will provide you with information about the approximate alcohol concentration in per mill in the exhaled air.”


Here’s the chart on the side:
the chart on the breathaliser box from

And, apparently, if you’ve been drinking in your car, you can park in the disabled spot!

the breathaliser box from showing a picture of cars, a plus sign, a picture of two wine glasses, an equals sign and then a handicapped placard