The 3am munchies

charlotte of the Roscommon peopleWhen you look at the image there to your left, do you think “battered sausage!”


Curry chips, perhaps?

Chicken balls?

Nah, me neither.

What you do see is Charlotte, a blogger from the Roscommon People who has vindicated my theory regarding the late night Irish munchies.

She has, however, introduced an interesting twist in that her cravings seem to have nothing to do with drink. In her blog this week, Charlotte claims that whether she has imbibed or not, she will still find herself in the chipper’s queue at 3am. However, she also notes that ont he rare Saturdays she is NOT out, she has never awoken at 3am feeling the desperate need to get out of bed, dressed and drive into town for her deep-fried fix.

I pose this question then, if it’s not a impulse triggered by the time of day or drink taken, what causes the Irish 3am munchies? I can’t say I ever experienced this stateside, so I’m relatively certain it has something to do with the air, the water, or those chippers are blasting a narcotic, addictive vapour into the air outside their chip stands.