Irish Joke of the day – Your Man’s Bananas

Readers unfamiliar with the Irish vernacular, should check out this week’s slang term before reading this joke.


An Englishman was sitting at the bar when an Irishman sat down next to him. They were quietly enjoying their pints when a local man well-known for being a bit odd walked in and placed a sack of groceries next to them on the bar.

Politely, the Englishman did not look up, but the Irishman turned his head to look before leaning over to the Englishman to say in a conspiratorial voice,

“Your man’s bananas.”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that,” replied the Englishman, attempting to be even-handed, “he may be a bit different, sure, but completely bananas? He’s harmless, really . . .”

Just then the Englishman turned and saw that in the grocery sack on the counter next to them the local man had, indeed, set down his bananas.

cheers to milo and the bean for this one – come on the town!