Irish Joke of the day – Top 10 signs you’re being stalked by a Leprechaun

The top 10 signs you’re being stalked by a leprechaun:

10. Generic-looking green transit van with darkened windows parked across the road with “I brake for imps” bumper sticker.

9. Every time you stop on the street the pitter-pattering stops and that green fire hydrant seems to have moved a little closer.

8. All your shoes have been expertly repaired overnight.

7. Green lipstick marks on your bedroom window.

6. Card delivered with a bouquet of 4-leaf clovers.

5. You don’t recall owning an anatomically-correct lawn gnome.

4. When you come home from work, the potatoes are missing from the cupboard and your parrot is singing “Black is the Colour.”

3. Every day this week you’ve noticed the same buckle shoes dangling just above the floor in the stall next to you.

2. Sultry voice from shower soap dish asks, “Is that your shillelagh, or are you just happy to see me?”

And the number one sign that you’re being stalked by a leprechaun:

Them little green pellets in the litter box ain’t M&M’s.