Irish Joke of the day – Texan in Ireland

Jeb from Texas is visiting Ireland. Paddy is given the task of showing Jeb around and, upon learning that Jeb is a farmer, Paddy takes him out to the country to show him his farm.

Jeb spends most of the trip exclaiming about how small the roads are, how small Paddy’s car is, how small Paddy’s house is and how most everything is bigger and better back in Texas. After a few hours of this Paddy is getting a bit tired.

Finally Jeb and Paddy are leaning over Paddy’s fence watching his horse in the pasture. Jeb pipes up,

“Ya know, Paddy, this field sure is small.”

“Is that so?” a resigned Paddy replies.

“Why sure!” says Jeb, eyeing Paddy’s horse, “If I were to ride my horse around my property back home, it’d take me two days!”

“I used to have a horse like that,” Paddy fires back, “had to shoot ‘im.”