Irish Joke of the day – Paddy meets a genie

Paddy is out walking one day when he accidentally kicks an old bottle against a stone, causing it to break open. A gaseous substance rises from the shards of glass and he finds himself face to face with a genie. The genie thanks Paddy and explains that he will grant him two wishes for freeing him.

Paddy says, “I thought it was three wishes?”

“No,” says the genie, “that’s a myth – it’s actually just two.”

“Okay,” says Paddy, “I want a pint of stout that never gets emptied.”

A creamy pint appears in Paddy’s hand. He eagerly downs it and, almost before he can blink, it’s instantly full again.

“Begod, that was the best pint I’ve ever had in me whole life!” says Paddy, delighted.

“What would you like for your second wish?” asked the genie.

“I’ll have another one of these!” says Paddy.