Irish Joke of the Day – Magical Lift

An Irish family from the country made their first visit into Dublin City. The girl and her mother went into the clothing shops while the husband and son continued to explore. They came to a lift (that’s anglo for “elevator”), a device they had never seen before. They were mystified, watching lights flicker above the pair of metal doors.

The two lads watched in amazement as an elderly woman in an old shawl hobbled up to the doors and pushed a button – which lit up – causing the doors to slide open and reveal a tiny room. The elderly woman stepped into the room and the doors closed.

The lights above the doors began to flicker and then the doors opened and a very attractive young blonde woman in a low-cut top and miniskirt walked out.

Without taking his eyes from the woman, the husband nudged his son and whispered in an urgent tone,

“Go get your ma.”