Irish Joke of the day – helping hands

Paddy and Mick were sitting in their local pub in Limerick one evening when Mick asked about Paddy’s recent trip to Dublin.

“So, how’d you get on?” Asked Mick.

“Sure,” says Paddy, “they say in Dublin today everyone is rushing around so much they haven’t time for each other anymore, but I didn’t find that at all. “

“No?” asked Mick, surprised.

“No,” replied Paddy. “For instance, I was just walking along when I spotted this hysterical woman and these two fellas trying to get her purse off of her.”

“Well, what’d you do?!” asked Mick.

“Well, myself and a couple local lads stepped in and, you know, with us working together
it didn’t take long to get it from her at all!”