Irish Joke of the day – Atheism

Paddy Catholic and Paddy Atheist were sitting at a bar comparing their philosophies. Paddy Catholic says,

“There has to be a God.”

“There is no God.” insisted Paddy atheist.

“But without God, everything happens totally by chance. The world has to have been created by some intelligence – it’s obvious.”

“No it’s not,” replied Paddy Atheist, “Everything in the universe is a complete accident.”

“Okay, let’s use my car for example.”

“That old heap?” laughed Paddy Atheist.

“Never you mind! Say I took all the parts of my car to the highest building in town here, threw them all off the roof and they fell to the ground as a completely assembled car. I mean, without God, that’s basically how you’re saying the universe happened.”

Paddy Atheist, taken aback, thought about this for a minute. “Well,” he said, slowly, “I still dunno about God, but that sure explains an awful lot about your car.”

Cheers to Seán for inspiring this one!