Irish Joke of the day – A bull of a problem

Three Irish bulls were chatting with each other about rumours they had heard about their farmer bringing a new bull to the farm.

The eldest of the three had been on the farm for 10 years. Pawing the ground and snorting, he said,

“I’ve been here the longest and I have a hundred cows in my pasture. If this new fella thinks he’s gettin’ one a dem, he’s another thing comin!”

The second bull had been on the farm five years. He tossed his head angrily, saying,

“Well, I’ve fifty cows in my pasture and there’s not a one I’ll be giving to some blow-in!”

The third bull was the youngest of the three and had only been on the farm a year. Even so, he had ten cows in his pasture and didn’t feel inclined to give any of them up.

“Just let him try it!” he said, snorting and pawing the ground mightily.

Just then a huge truck backed into the yard and its back gate practically exploded open as the biggest, meanest, scariest black bull imaginable strode menacingly out, tossing its mighty head.

The oldest of the three bulls immediately stopped pawing the ground and snorting and, turning aside, mumbled, “Well, one hundred heffers is an awful lot for a fella to look after on me own. I suppose I could spare a few.”

The second oldest did likewise, saying, “Ah sure, I’m only young. He’ll be wanting some of my fifty cows and he’s welcome to them – I’ll have plenty more to myself as the years get on.”

The third and youngest of the bulls, however, had not stopped pawing the ground and snorting menacingly. The older two bulls looked over at him in alarm and the eldest spoke up,

“Bejeez, man! Mind yourself there and give the fella some of your cows! What are you at snorting and challenging him like that – he’ll tear you apart! You’re a young bull, you’ll have more cows as the years get on!”

“Are you mad?!” said the youngest of the bulls, ” I’m not challenging him – he’s welcome to take all my heffers!!”

Then what are you at, man?” Said the second oldest bull in confusion.

The youngest of the bulls looked at the other two, his eyes wide with panic,

“I’m just making sure he knows I’m not a cow!!” he said.