Ireland plays in San Marino tonight!


It may have come to your attention that Ireland is playing tonight in a European Championship qualifier match. The match is in San Marino at quarter to nine and Ireland is sure to rise triumphant in a spectacular manner.

But that’s not what I’m writing to you about. I’m writing about the colour scheme on your website. More specifically, the long series of national flags across the top area.

I’m aware that this is meant to be representative of the teams that have qualified for the world cup in the past. However, have you considered their chromatic impact, irrespective of their significance? I think not. Really, there is a distinct lack of green, orange and white in your colour scheme.

It is a fact, supported by research I’ve done, oh, just now, of the entire population of my living room that the combination of these three colours causes people to click on more webpage ads and read one’s blog commentary more thoroughly.

Really, I recognise that you have wisely coloured your logo in two of these three colours – you are to be applauded for effort, but the black text kind of ruins the whole effect. Furthermore, it has not gone unnoticed that the presence of the Ivory Coast flag may go some length to remedying this issue, but I find that their particular arrangement of colour isn’t nearly as pleasing as that used on, say, the Republic of Ireland’s flag.

Thinking entirely of your best interests, I suggest that you buck the system and include the Irish flag somewhere in the upper region of your site. I think you’ll find that not only will you fall asleep more easily at night, but your food will begin to taste better and your bowel movements will become more regular and satisfying.

Yours in health,