Good knight, Bono

Bono as a knightWe mentioned back in December that Bono was to recieve a British knighthood.

Well, Thursday our man Bono received a little box and official Status of Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire. It wasn’t a big ceremony, apparently, he met a British ambassador and, when asked if he was disappointed that the knighting ceremony no longer involved swords or kneeling, he placed his hand on the ambassador’s shoulder and quipped,

“Please, I wasn’t expecting you to kneel.”


Bono went on to effuse about Britain, saying “I love Great Britain, I think Great Britain is great. Irish people support British football teams, Irish bands sign to British record labels, Irish people speak English.”

Mm-hm. Duly noted.

Bono did add that he would not allow people to call him “sir.” Maybe he forgot that, as a non-Briton, Bono’s honorary title does not confer upon him the title of “sir” anyway. Only real British people get to be a “sir” when knighted.

Ah well, blame those pesky Irish revolutionaries – had things gone differently, our Bono might have been offered a title like the former owner the castle feature on one of his album covers.

It’s probably for the best – there’s no room for another castle in Dublin anyway.

Besides, I doubt U2 would have climbed the charts with a single called Sunday, not-officially-acknowledged-by-our-reigning-monarch, Sunday.

Here’s a fabulous send-up of the reasons behind his knighthood