Christmas Castle crime!

Athlone Castle with graffitiGood lord, someone has tagged the castle.

I dunno, after 800 years, maybe a new coat of paint, but tagging? Really?

Besides, what exactly do the Palestinian Hotel Lobbyists’ Association want with Athlone Castle? I suppose it could be a message, like Paris Hilton Lies Alot or something with a conscience, like Penguins Help Little Animals.

I suppose it could be a message from the town’s youth, you know:
Please Help Liven-up Athlone.

It could be a seasonal message on drinking family members:
Please Help Lovable Alchoholics.

Maybe it’s a complaint about the underground prostitution scene, like Pricey Harlots, Leave Athlone! or a comment on the economy, Petrol Hikes Live Anywhere.

Then again, maybe it’s self informing, something obvious like Painted Hoaxes Lead to Anger.