Alchohol tester?

Breathliser poster from with misspelled "intoxiticated"We all remember when I was breathalised, don’t we?

The poster there to your left is capitalising on the fact that Irish garda are breathalising morning commuters and people are afraid that if they have any amount of drink the night before, they could fail a morning breathaliser test.

It’s not too much of a concern for me as I very rarely drive (I find I get where I’m going in Athlone on my bike much faster than by car), but I saw the poster on the left there at a local shop and, intrigued, purchased one of these little devices. Hilariously, the poster has a spelling of intoxicated (below) that, if read aloud, would seem to indicate that one was.

In the name of science, folks, I shall consume drink on an evening and utilise this device the morning after.

All in the name of scientific research, of course.

zoom on breathliser poster from with misspelled word: intoxiticated