12 Funny Guinness-fueled Drunk Videos

It is pretty much a given that any trip to Ireland will include the consumption of beer. Lots of beer. And these days, because so many people having little digital cameras and video cameras with them, we not only get to hear about tales of Guinness-fueled drunken debauchery, we get to see them, too. Lucky, lucky us.

Here are just a few of the gems I found. (Warning, some of these are probably NSFW. Which is, of course, why we find them so interesting, right?)

Drunk people + a fire extinguisher = lots of mad giggling.

Supermarkets can be funny when you’re drunk!

If you had a pair of lucky pants like this fellow, I’m sure you’d be just as proud.

What I love most about this one is that it’s subtitled – badly. I wonder if they were drunk when they wrote the subtitles, too?

These guys had so much drunken fun (including lots of singing) that this video comes in two parts. The first one is here:

And the second (where an Irish gal attempts to convince the American guy behind the camera that there are only six days a week in Ireland) is here:

Think of the headache this poor fellow had the next day. Not to mention the raw upper lip from scrubbing off that mustache his “friends” drew on him.

Apparently you’ll want to brush up on your Oasis lyrics just in case you’re presented with any Temple Bar sing-along opportunities, like this one.

Well, this is one way to hide your identity if you’re going to film yourself doing things while you’re drunk. Of course, it kind of defeats the purpose if you label the video, “me drunk in Temple Bar, Dublin.”

Okay, people, if someone’s vomiting, that’s probably not terribly video worthy. Or maybe that’s just me.

This Grafton Street performer ends up with an unwanted back-up singer midway through this video.

And finally, I wonder if all the people in the videos here drank like this guy?

Now, while these videos alone may not make you want to pay through the nose for plane tickets to Ireland, there’s a pretty good chance that once you’re there you’ll find yourself in a similar situation. So just make sure the video camera’s batteries are charged before you head out at night.