Cheap Hotels in Killarney

Tourists are drawn to Killarney because of its natural beauty. The near-by lake and mountains create lovely scenery; and the Atlantic coast is close by as well. The city is located on the Ring of Kerry scenic drive.

Best areas to consider

As it happens in most cities, one of the best areas to consider is the Town Center. You’ll be close to everything. The Western End, on the other hand, provides spectacular views. The Eastern End is very close to the National Park so this is the best area for those interested in nature. The Northern End provides superb views of the lake and mountains.

Worth trying

Whenever I look for accommodation in a city I’ve never visited before, I typically ask around and check out the reviews. So, based on reviews, here are some places you should look into:

Killeen House is locate just 10 minutes drives from the city center. There’s even a golf course tourists can try their skills on. A lot of activities in nature can be practiced near-by. Rates range between €90 and €120 per night.

Killarney Royal is a boutique 4 star hotel and is located in the heart of the city. Rates range between €79 and €149 per night. Special offers are available.

Randles Court Hotel is a luxury 4 star hotel located just 5 minutes walk from the city center. It is an excellent choice if you want to add spa services to your vacation. Rates range between €59 and €153 per night.

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