Airfare to Shannon

Getting a good deal on airfare to Shannon is easy, provided you are already somewhere in Europe. Shannon International Airport (airport code SNN) is well-served by Europe’s largest budget airline, Ryanair, so you can usually find a cheap flight from almost anywhere in Europe into Shannon. Shannon boasts the second-largest airport in Ireland (after Dublin), and the national airline of Ireland, Aer Lingus, also has a hub in Shannon.

For those of you flying from somewhere other than Europe, you may get lucky with some cheap airfare to Shannon without having to fly through another (larger) airport first. Most international travelers come through Dublin, and you might find a better deal on a flight to Dublin as well – so if you are on a strict budget, check to see if you could get a cheaper fare into Dublin and then catch a short flight into Shannon. That could save you a bit of money on your airfare.

If you are not already in Europe, be sure to broaden your search a bit beyond just looking at flights to Dublin – check to see if you could get a good deal flying into a more major city, like London or Paris, and then get airfare to Shannon on a small airline.

Passengers who fly from Shannon to the United States will be pleased to know that Shannon has one of only two European airports with U.S. “border pre-clearance” facilities (the other is in Dublin). This means that although you will still need to go through customs in the U.S., you can go through immigration before you even get on your plane in Shannon.

There are lots of airlines which provide airfare to Shannon in addition to Ryanair and Aer Lingus, so check out the complete list on this page. And here is something for you trivia buffs – the runway at Shannon is the longest in Ireland!