Airfare to Dublin

No matter where you are going in Ireland, if you are coming from overseas your entry point is almost certainly going to be the city of Dublin. While some big cities in Europe have a couple airports to serve them, here you are at least spared the burden of choice – Dublin Airport (airport code DUB) is your only option for getting airfare to Dublin.

While Dublin is the main international gateway for Ireland and a relatively major international airport in Europe as a whole, it is certainly less busy overall than the airports in places like London or Paris. So if you are hunting for bargains on airfare to Dublin and you have a little more time than money to play with, you can see about getting a great deal on a ticket into a more major city’s airport and then catching a short flight on one of Europe’s budget airlines into Dublin. Dublin’s status as a popular destination for Europeans on long holiday weekends means that lots of the budget airlines in Europe have frequent flights into Dublin, and in fact, the route between Dublin and London is reported to be the second-busiest in the world.

Dublin’s airport lies about 10km from the city center, and sees more international travelers than Irish passengers come through its terminals. It is home base for one of Europe’s biggest low-cost airlines, Ryanair, as well as the national carrier for Ireland, Aer Lingus. Dublin is only one of two European cities whose airport has “border pre-clearance” status with the United States, meaning that U.S.-bound passengers can go through the immigration check before they even get on the plane in Dublin. (The other border pre-clearance airport in Europe also happens to be in Ireland – it is in Shannon.)

All the airlines serving Dublin Airport are listed on this page, and the map here shows not only the airlines serving the airport but also the destinations connected to the city.

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