Airfare to Cork

People who are trying to get to Cork from outside Ireland may not have as many options when it comes to getting airfare to Cork – there is an airport here, of course, but it is not the main international gateway to the country and booking a flight into Cork from overseas could cost you.

Although Cork Airport (airport code ORK) is Ireland’s third-largest airport, it has far fewer flights than the two Ireland airports that are higher up the food chain (Dublin and Shannon), and the vast majority of the direct flights are from other points in Europe. You cannot even get direct airfare to Cork from North America, for instance.

So, in addition to looking for a flight on a major carrier that will take you into Cork on the same ticket that gets you into Europe in the first place, you might want to check for a good deal on a ticket to Dublin, London or even Paris – and then search for cheap airfare to Cork on one of Europe’s budget carriers. It will be two separate tickets, which can seem like a hassle, but if it can save you money it could very well be worth it.

The two airlines with the busiest schedules flying into Cork are Aer Lingus (Ireland’s national flag carrier), Aer Arann (the main Irish domestic carrier) and Ryanair (Europe’s largest budget airline), so those are the airlines to check with for getting that short flight into Cork. The other airlines serving Cork are listed here.