Tragedy for Irish Tourism

aine chambers of sligozone.netI can’t believe I didn’t hear about it earlier – has died!

Good lord, it seems like just yesterday we were watching our Aine on Podge and Rodge and now it would seem she has hung up her miniskirt and quit being the webmistress and best-known embassador of County Sligo we knew and loved!

This lady took it upon herself to strap on a pair of heels and found and maintain a website promoting the merits of County Sligo for . . . oh, quite a while.

Say what you like about her questionable predilection for diminutive articles of clothing, our Aine Chambers was a wonderful quirky bit of Ireland out there on the web. Sligo just won’t be the same without her and The server directory currently displayed at the site reminds one of a warehouse left empty by a once profitable shipping company.

Aine Chambers, who? You may still be asking. Well . . .

Watch this:

Then watch this:

You’ll be missed, Aine.