The pumpkin harvest

Pumpkin harvest with munchkin and turnipStill under the weather, nevertheless, I managed to get out and run some errands today.

What you see to your left is 12 pumpkins, a munchkin and a turnip. Yes, I have the turnip. I also did some snackish shopping for Friday’s shindig. Am very much looking forward to it, as it sounds as if there will be a good turnout. We’ve a visitor from the states coming that day as well, just to add a bit of the unusual to the mix.

turnipNow, back to that turnip. I have to say I don’t recall ever having acquainted myself with a turnip, culinarily or otherwise. Those buggers are solid. How the feck did they use to carve these things? I suppose the flesh must be extraordinarily luminescent and the candle would be placed in a hollow in the middle. Surely they didn’t carve a massive centre cavity and then carve the features all the way into that? Well, I guess we’ll find out on Friday.

Come on the weekend!