Talk like a pirate day

Talk like a pirate banner
So, when I lived stateside I used to read Dave Barry‘s column regularly. One of the wonderful things he brought to my attention is International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

This sort of absurdity rarely penetrates here in Ireland. Irish culture is already full to the brim with the absurd – making it difficult for new absurdities to find a home here. Then yesterday, the grumpy frenchman began complaining to me, between “yarrr”s, about this nation being populated with “piratophobes.”

I realised that I had forgotten all about this year’s Talk Like a Pirate Day. Oh, hang my one-eyed head in shame. At least the grumpy frenchman remembered, peppering his conversations all day with “yarr” and “ye scurvy dog.”

On a local note, I’ve noticed that many of the boating tourists we get floating through Athlone hang out the pirate flag from their rented Emerald Star cruiser. I have yet to see any cannonfire or forced boardings, however. Well, unless you include tourists crossing other’s boats to get to their own when there are three or four boats moored alongside each other outside Sean’s Bar’s beer garden, that is.