Misty Shannon Dawn

Dawn on the River Shannon

I just had to share this photo with y’all. I was at work last night past 11pm and had to wake early this morning to face another monotonous day of sitting behind a flickering computer monitor.

Noting that even the munchkin wasn’t awake when I left for work, I tromped my heavy boots down the front steps and headed out along the river for work, foul mood generating noxious vapours of malcontent in the air around me. The morning was dark and misty, sodden with January melancholia when suddenly the back of my head felt warm and the tips of fringe hanging in my face lit gold.

I turned around to see this – a golden vision of the sun parting the mists from the horizon, shining over the flooded Shannon waters.

Sometimes you realise how insignificant everything is.

And how glad you are to have shoved your digital camera in your pocket.