Irish slang – It went down a bomb

old Irish man laughingYou speak English. You’ve heard most of Ireland does as well. You may have heard the Irish speak the best english in the world. In any case, the last thing you may be expecting is communication difficulties on your visit to the emerald isle.

Most of the potentential pitfalls in your conversations may come from the slang used here. This is the tenth in a series I’ve been publishing of some common Irish slang that used to confuse us when we first arrived.

It went down a bomb – This is something someone said to me recently and I really had no idea what they meant. They were referring to performing a new song somewhere and their deadpan delivery did little to illuminate whether things had gone well or otherwise.

As it turns out, it means things went well. I suppose with the older phrase “it bombed”, meaning that things went terribly being opposed to the recent slang, “It was the bomb” meaning that things went really well this is a new addition in the second category.