Irish Slang – Banjaxed

old Irish man laughingSo you speak English. Why not travel to the land of saints and scholars where English has been lyrically embellished since the dark ages; a week or two in Ireland and I won’t even need a translation dictionary!

A few weeks of hearing your language dancing gracefully and coherantly across the Irish tongue might be more challenging than you think! Ireland may be a predominately english-speaking nation, but the thing that tickled my ears the most when I first moved here and that tends to confuse our stateside guests is some of the slang. So, below is the thirty-fifth in a series I’m publishing on some common Irish slang that used to confuse us when we first arrived.

Banjaxed – Broken or unusable, usually by result of violent damage.

Examples of usage:

“Howya Shay, where’s the guitar?”
“Girlfriend fecked me out last night and threw the guitar out the window after me. Now it’s feckin banjaxed.”

“The microwave has been banjaxed ever since me husband put his pewter mug in there trying to make a hot whiskey.”

“Nice one there with the spilled coffee, Jock – now me computer’s banjaxed!”

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