February in Galway – Events, Weather and Travel Tips

february-in-galway3The city of Galway is green due to some reason. The many various hues of green are actually the result of the great level of rainfall in the city. A traveler going to this small city of Ireland even for a couple of days is almost assured to experience a rain in Galway. For a lot of travelers, this city is one of the most bubbly vacation spots everyone will wish to come across. The city of Galway provides the paramount of both worlds- the allure of the bustling city together with some wonderful rural panorama. And this is probably what every travel loves about Galway even when it is freezing cold in this beautiful city in February. But, don’t forget to put your coats, jackets, scarf and over-coat in your travel bag for you to keep warm while wandering Galway.

February Event in Galway

Galway Air Show – This event is always a crow pleaser because it features various aircraft presenting breathtaking aeronautical feats. Besides, sea and sir rescue craft provides exhibition of the important services they give to the public. After its success on the last event in February 2009, Galway Air Show is expected to attract equal amount or more crowds this coming February 2010. The air and sea rescue exhibit is actually without charge and promises to give a perfect day out for each and every tourist in Galway.

February Weather in Galway

Just like other places of Ireland, the city endures a year-round moist, temperate, mild and irregular climate because of the Gulf Stream’s prevailing winds.

Avg. high 46ºF/7.78ºC
Avg. low 34ºF/1.11ºC
Avg. precipitation 3.30inches/8.38 cm

Because of its moist and mild weather, the City of Galway is able to support the life of every plant not normally found at such great latitudes like fid tress and palm trees.

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Getting Here

The cold winter February brings low temperature of about 30s and could be damp and intolerable, however February is one of the best times to visit Galway especially if you are looking forward to get deals on flights. Book a flight to this city in February and experience the music seals the laneways and the community that comes together in festivity of rhythm. If you are not able to book your flight in advance, it would be fine as there are airline companies that offer last minute promos and discount fares particularly during this season in Galway.

Where to Stay

If you are lucky to visit Galway, you are guaranteed to find great range of accommodations and hotels in this fabulous and fast-rising city. Regardless if you are searching for fiver-star, luxury accommodations at a first rate Galway hotel, or maybe on a tight budget and want a bed in a hostel at the end of a tiring and enjoyable day, you are definite to find a suitable lodging. There are a lot of fantastic options and selections for Galway accommodations. In fact, the only secret to find them is to narrow down your search and you’ll definitely find it.