Dublin riots, take 2?

2006 dublin riots with garda and a bonfireRemember the riots in Dublin last year?

Well, the people who brought that particular flavour of parade fun intend to give it another go. Seriously, I don’t get it. I mean, from what I can tell, these Love Ulster folks are not about the love. They seem to be acting out of some seriously negative intentions and want to parade their miserable anger around Ireland’s capital – what sort of impact do they EXPECT to have?

What kind of people need a parade to validate their righteousness? Is that something intelligent people do?

I suppose that if they have a problem with someone, they should follow the golden rule and do unto others. Ya know, invite those they feel wronged by to parade in their area first so they can show their good will as hosts. Maybe serve them scones with clotted cream and nice PG Tips tea and cucumber sandwiches afterwards. Then they might be invited to parade and experience some reciprocal hospitality. Maybe some Jacob’s biscuits, lovely Barry’s Gold Blend tea and maybe some triangle-cut sandwiches and taytos afterwards? Hmmm? Parading makes a body peckish, does it not?

What would Jesus do?