Dublin Airport’s winter characters

Dublin Airport winter statuesIf you find yourself in Dublin Airport during the month of December you may find some unusual company: the Dublin Airport Winter Statues. I asked around but no one at the airport could tell me who did the statues or exactly how old they are. They are at least several years old and you can see the paint on them has been touched up here and there.

Dublin Airport winter statuesFrom a polar bear looking for a smooch to a snowman spraying Anti-Melt Deodorant under his arm, the whimsical statues are placed all around Dublin airport at the most unusual places. There’s a candle passed out just beside the entrance to the bar. There’s a penguin dressed as an Airport employee outside the arrivals gate. There’s even a Christmas pudding pensively scanning the crowd for his family.

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Dublin Airport winter statuesDublin Airport winter statues