Daily Dose – Most popular Irish Websites of 2006

ooooo, Irishness in a DAILY DOSE!
Just about then I realised I was getting the auld DDs,
When the child of Prague began to dance around the mantlepiece . . .

That’s right, below are the the 6 of the most popular Irish websites. Like lemmings, the online Irish masses stream in their direction.

Go on, clickity clickity!!

Most popular Irish website, an Irish property resource (??!): daft.ie
Ireland’s most popular social networking site (yeah, Ireland doesn’t really do myspace): bebo.com
Our Radío Telifís Eiréann, the esteemed RTE: RTE.ie
Ryanair – discount european airline: ryanair.com
What are the Irish talking about? Here’s Ireland’s most popular posting site: boards.ie
Ireland’s most popular IT blog: tomrafteryit.net
<!– The Irish Times, the most popular Irish news site: ireland.com –>