Come on the weekend!

After a long week of work, the weekend is finally here!

And it was a gorgeous day here in Athlone, sunny as all get-out. A shame I lent my camera to a friend last night, otherwise I could dazzle you with sunny photos. You’ll just have to close your eyes and picture . . . hello? No, I’m afriad the closing the eyes part will have to follow my description . . . ah, nevermind. *grin*

So I missed the weekly Brideswell trad session yesterday for a workmate’s going away last night at Sean’s Bar. Daniel Carey, the best sports writer in the town, is leaving The Athlone Voice for . . . God knows what. His editorial presence will be sorely missed. I fully intend to seek him out for future postings here on Irish sport. Stay tuned!

Turns out that Bill Coleman will be stopping through Athlone next month! In The Shack, no less! I’ll see if I can’t get some samples of the concert up here for your auditory delight when it happens.

This weekend is the annual Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival in Longford. Your faithful author did NOT get tickets. *scowl* The festival is run by an American widow of Johnny Keenan (banjo player extraordinaire) and features some amazing, world-class talent. This year they have JERRY FECKIN’ DOUGLAS, people!! ArrrghhhH! Why oh why did I not sort out some tickets for myself?

On another local music front, the international barbershop quartet convention is being held this weekend here in Athlone. Tres bizarre. This event I may actually get to see, sneaking backstage posing as a photographer with a local reporter friend of mine. I’ve heard stories that one of the Swedish groups will walk all the way down to the viking ship singing the whole way . . . we’ll see if I can’t get some of that up here for ya.

Come on the weekend!!