Bord Failte website redesign

bord failteFailte is Irish for welcome, so it’s appropriate that the tourist board here in Ireland is called Bord Failte which is Irish for, essentially, “The Welcome Committee.”

I just happened across their site today and noticed that they had upgraded to a snazzy, catchy new layout. Lookin’ good – fair play to the Failte fellas.

The best thing about their website is the Meta tag that reads “Welcome to – Let’s Play!” It’s a new Ireland, folks. Bord Failte has decided a playful turn of mindset is due for this somber, rainy island. “Never mind the saints and scholars,” it seems to say, “we’re here for the shorts and skullers, lads!” But, eh, mind the new drink driving laws there! Then again, there’s nothing so exhillarating as a breathaliser in the morning after a good night out!

But seriously, the new site has a yahoo! maps-style map tool, a direct link to festival listings and loads of eye-catching graphics. It also has a tourist-dollar-savvy accommodation search window built right into the front page. No flies on these guys!

In any case, it’s good to see the bord failte guys catching up with the celtic tiger’s technological reputation!