Athlone gears up for Paddy’s day

Saint Patrick's Day sign in AthloneTo your left there is the billboard up at St Peter’s square announcing the festivities planned for St Patrick’s day weekend here in Athlone.

Aside from the annual parade and music on Saturday, it looks like there will be a fashion show tonight in the Radisson and some family and fishing events up around the lakes at Coosan Point on Sunday.

I’m a little disappointed we won’t be having any viking or boat events as a part of the festivities, but I suppose there’ll be enough of those come summertime. There’s also bound the be the usual car boots selling Irish regalia. As mentioned before, the shops are filling up with shamrocks and tri-colour paraphenalia all around the town. I’ll see if I can’t get some photos of the stuff.

My hope is to drag the camera out and get some of the parade up here for your voyeuristic pleasure. We’ll see how we get on . . .